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Ishvara's Role

The Living Example

Ishvara presents a new paradigm. He is the living example of radical transformation without struggle. In 1987, Ishvara had a profound experience of awakening. Being totally present with his mind still, Ishvara became aware of who he is, never to return to the conditional mind. Since then, the awakening has continually deepened and expanded.

What Is Enlifement?

The Evolution Beyond 'Enlightenment'

EnLifement is an empowering, all-inclusive awakening process that is totally unrestricted, without boundary. EnLifement is the path of discovering your uniqueness, potential and purpose as you evolve into an ever more efficient receptacle of the Cosmos.

The Five Elements of Enlifement

Living The New Consciousness

Ishvara feels the need to move language in a direction that can redefine "spiritual teacher" as one who is teaching Life, one who is teaching from the direct experience of Life, not through system, belief, concept, lineage or tradition.

“As you read these words then, be mindful of your own emotions and definitions based on the past. Allow yourself to experience the most expanded possible meanings, for words are multidimensional. We must see all the connections that can be included within a word’s meaning, and then it can allow us to approach the Truth.”
~ Ishvara

Everything Is The Consciousness

Ishvara defines "The Consciousness"

When I say “The Consciousness” I mean everything. The Consciousness is all that is, all that was, and all that will be. It exists in the now, but in the now is its past and its future. The future is the synergy of the next moment. The now is the synergy of this moment, made up of the components of synergy of the past.

The Experience Of Awakening

What Is Awakening?

I have never liked the term "enlightenment." I have seen so many charlatans calling themselves "enlightened" that it is a word I don't want to be associated with. I prefer to speak of "the natural state" instead of "enlightenment." Attaining the natural state is not something that you can make happen, but you can allow it to happen.

Allowing, Not Pushing

When we surrender to conscious allowing, we are transformed

Question: "Ishvara, some spiritual teachers make it a point to push their students toward enlightenment, and to expose their ego so as to root it out. Yet it seems that you don't do this. Why is that?"

God And Karma

Question: "Ishvara, what about God, and karma?"

"I see the religious concept of "God" as the ego creation. Karma is the belief that there is a right way to do things, and a wrong way to do things---which is cause-and-effect. What I see is that we are here to learn how energy works, how Life works."

Consciousness And Death

Question: "Ishvara, what role does death play in this?"

"In death, one outlives the role of the limited physical structure. Death is not an end. In death, that which cannot speed up and move to a higher level, drops off. We drop off the body. But then the hollow-space-within is no longer confined by physical dimension, and it immediately flows out into the whole of reality and becomes all of it. So it's a grand adventure.

What About Reincarnation

Question: "Ishvara, what about reincarnation?"

"The idea of reincarnation is based on the belief in separation. The belief is that there are individual souls who must strive to make spiritual progress through countless lifetimes, in order finally to reach full awakening. This belief in an individual soul, however, is a projection of the separate ego."

Transformation And The Body

Question: "Ishvara, could you say more about transformation and the body?"

"The physical form accelerates in order to house the expanded Consciousness. The Consciousness is moving toward transcendence of the physical. The physical form is being transformed so as to take part in this transcendence."

Past And Present Sages

Question: "Ishvara, could you talk about yourself in perspective of other past and present sages and masters?"

"Well, I can imagine a moment in Buddha’s life, when he was awakening, where he went through the same things that I’m going through. The conditional mind reacts to this and says, “That’s very egoic.” Yet I see a lot of points of relationship in what has been said or written about Buddha. He has history behind him. I have history before me. It remains to be seen whether This can become such a world-transforming presence."


Question: "Ishvara, could you speak about 'Ascension'?"

" The conditional mind idea of “ascension” is very metaphysical and New Agey. There are books written about ascension, expectations about ascension. There is an abundance of these things, and we don’t need to talk about them.

Yet what I see as ascension is this evolving process that is constantly taking place with the physical form."

Morphic Field of Enlifement

Question: "Ishvara, what is the content of the morphic field that is being set up
in Enlifement?"

"The morphic field of enlifement is one of seeing that transformation can be continuous, that there is no way that things have to be, that the principle of allowing what-Is, and being connected and present to that without resistance, tends to induce a greater flow of energy, of Life. "

The Body And The New Human

Question: "Ishvara, could you talk about the importance of the physical body, and about the new human."

"The power of the brain has been severely overlooked. As we find better ways of studying and understanding the brain, we will find that there is much more there than we ever thought. We will realize that the brain is evolving, and is capable of housing more and more of The Consciousness, and that this is in turn creating physical transformation and changes."


The Foundation of Ishvara's Teachings

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