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The Experience Of Awakening

I have never liked the term "enlightenment." I have seen so many charlatans calling themselves "enlightened" that it is a word I don't want to be associated with. I prefer to speak of "the natural state" instead of "enlightenment." Attaining the natural state is not something that you can make happen, but you can allow it to happen.

Awakening to the natural state is awakening to the core of existence, Life that you are. There are many concepts, perceptions and words about awakening, but essentially awakening is finding the natural state, True Nature. The natural state is what you are, regardless of the conditioning, the beliefs, the concepts.

My awakening to the natural state was not an extraordinary event; it was just realizing that something extraordinary had been happening all along. Before that I was unnatural, distorted, disoriented. Birth itself is a very disorienting process; you are hit with a mass of conditions, especially the preoccupation with survival, from day one. So it takes time to get your feet on the ground again.

When you awaken to the natural state, you realize you have always been that. It has always been there, you just haven't seen it before. It is not a great mystery, not even a great happening. But when you move into the natural state, it has real ramifications for the whole of humanity, because such an awakening takes the core to the next level of existence. An individual's awakening to the natural state spurs the collective in a certain way.

The natural state throws out everything; nothing can exist in the natural state that is artificial, that is past. The natural state is only conducive to higher intelligence, which the brain facilitates. In the natural state, you seem to be beyond any kind of conditional communication; there is no attraction to it, no desire to participate.

Mis-information, superstition, beliefs, concepts, religions, spiritual disciplines--all of those things limit access to this awakening because of their set ideas of how Life is supposed to be. The intelligence of Life has no "supposed to" at all. The intelligence of Life operates on an entirely different premise; it operates not through cause and effect, but through knowing. Each experience in the intelligence of The Consciousness, of Life, contributes to its further experience, its further amassing of information. Life collects experiences, and from those experiences it evolves various ways of being, various other possibilities, which in turn bring about more evolution and integration, and in this way Life keeps expanding itself. There is virtually no end to that possibility, because intelligence is not limited.

My work is to inspire and encourage others to excel, to give information that will facilitate the awakening to the natural state of Life. The sole purpose of awakening to the natural state is to accelerate humanity; all other so-called "awakening" is useless. If it does not have the purpose of accelerating the whole, it just doesn't happen. Life is always moving toward a greater connection; those things that do not move in that direction, tend to drop out.

The natural state is not what you can expect or believe, or what anybody has said about it. It is very individual, unique to that expression of Life that you are, and it is very informative. There is no more question, no more doubt; it just Is. It throws the intellect into a big loop, and the intellect doesn't really know what to do with itself after that.

With the natural state comes a tremendous capacity of compassion and patience, the motivation and inspiration to be of service to others. The natural state is so rarified, so special, so precious that there is an authentic movement toward sharing it, finding a way to serve others. It is not an exclusive, isolated event; it is a very open, connective kind of event.

In the natural state, you see where people come from, you see the conditions, you see what is happening, and you cannot help but be compassionate and patient, because you know anybody could be there. It is not a person's fault. The natural state reveals there is no guilt, there is no cause and effect; it just happened. You realize that the best thing you can do with what has happened is to see the dynamic of energy, the form of information that has presented itself through that experience.

You see that the unfolding is constantly happening, that you are constantly moving toward the natural state. Criticism, judgment, agenda, attachment and resistance are obstacles to that movement. So once you attain the natural state you begin systematically to remove all obstacles for others; you keep clearing the path. You can't take the step for others, but you can clear a lot of the obstacles. Then they have to do the work, they have to take each step.

The natural state is always moving. It is not an achievement, or a stagnant awareness. It is a beginning.

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