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Consciousness And Death

"In death, one outlives the role of the limited physical structure. Death is not an end. In death, that which cannot speed up and move to a higher level, drops off. We drop off the body. But then the hollow-space-within is no longer confined by physical dimension, and it immediately flows out into the whole of reality and becomes all of it. So it's a grand adventure.

"Yet if you don't have any realization of this now, that grand adventure means nothing to you. But when you start realizing how everything is connected, then you get the full force of The Consciousness with no parameters. Then you merge with and become everything, and death no longer has any sting. There is no fear.

You are The Consciousness. You are already perfect. But you have concepts and beliefs that limit your realization of that perfection. And so what we are doing is eliminating concepts and beliefs so that you can discover and experience your perfection. The Consciousness is simply experiencing itself as you, yet we miss so much of this experience because we become superstitious, we become frightened, we close off, we shut down, and so we don't have any fun. We become separate and alone and fearful. In this fearful state, the conditional mind begins to fabricate beliefs and concepts in order to perpetuate itself.

What I am saying is not something I ask anyone to believe. I am simply putting out possibilities that can inspire people to move beyond their concepts and beliefs and to see whether those possibilities might resonate with the hollow space and mean something. My job is to express this feeling-knowing as best I can, and I am constantly learning how to express it. I am continually looking for better ways to express it, with more clarity, more exactness, and more allowing."

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