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Everything Is The Consciousness

When I say “The Consciousness” I mean everything. The Consciousness is all that is, all that was, and all that will be. It exists in the now, but in the now is its past and its future. The future is the synergy of the next moment. The now is the synergy of this moment, made up of the components of synergy of the past.

So The Consciousness is all-existent, is not separate in itself, is not an it, is not a they. It just is. It’s not a being. It’s not a force. It’s not a control, yet it does have energy. It underlies all things that are taking place. There’s nothing outside of The Consciousness. It seems to exist in different states, different levels of awareness, but those are all very connected. So it follows that you are The Consciousness experiencing itself as you, unique, individual, but not separate.

One’s concept of god usually tends to be a being, an individual; one’s concept of the absolute tends to be everything, but never changing. The Hindus look at the absolute as perfect, as never changing. The Consciousness is not a being. It’s not what humans would call god. It’s far beyond any definition. It cannot be contained or labeled or identified, other than that it is experience moment by moment. And it certainly is evolving and becoming. Even though it is already all potential, all possibility, it is still in this process of evolution, of evolving itself through the realization of the ability to respond to what is. So it’s not a stagnant condition.

We can see that the unmanifest and the manifest is The Consciousness, and The Consciousness is constantly evolving and becoming from unmanifest to manifest. The unmanifest is simply possibilities, unexperienced possibilities. As The Consciousness evolves it is pulling from the unmanifest into the manifest. It’s becoming aware of itself, not as an entity, not as something separate, but the whole thing. We don’t have language for that. It’s like eternity. The only thing you can do with eternity is just to imagine as long you can imagine, and then double that, or triple that, or add as much more as you can imagine again. So it’s a very long time. The Consciousness is big: all-inclusive Isness. And those are words, symbols with which we try to capture The Consciousness, which is impossible. One is defeated the moment one tries to label or describe The Consciousness, because it is simply The Consciousness describing itself in a moment from a perspective. And you cannot fully describe something unless you can make use of the whole of it. The best we can do is make use of part of it. We would have to include that which is yet to be, if we begin to try to describe what The Consciousness is, because it is inclusive of that also.

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