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" The conditional mind idea of “ascension” is very metaphysical and New Agey. There are books written about ascension, expectations about ascension. There is an abundance of these things, and we don’t need to talk about them.

Yet what I see as ascension is this evolving process that is constantly taking place with the physical form."

"At a physical level, the cells are beginning to activate higher properties of their existence. Physically, the body is slowly ascending to a higher level, or to a greater ordered way of being. This is taking place at a cellular level.

For me, ascension is not a departing or leaving behind of the physical, but a process of acceleration of the whole physical manifestation of The Consciousness. So a planetary ascension is possible. The whole of this field can accelerate. This physical ascension is taking place through the evolution into the new species. I see that it is possible for the body to become so accelerated that it breaks the bonds of gravitational limitations. It no longer would be dependent upon the solid manifestations, and they would evolve. We would then not look as we look now. We would be enhanced, more fluid and flexible, not limited by gravity or solidity. Solidity would at that point begin to disappear. It would speed up. It is essentially a process of accelerating. Accelerating to the point where we no longer feel the solidness of matter. We would then experience matter at a different frequency.

Ascension is also something that is taking place in the brain. The brain is evolving to the point where it is capable of tuning into more of what The Consciousness is, identifying with more of what Life is. That ascension in the brain creates and sustains the physical ascension.

It is an energy process. There is an abundance of energy in the universe, but because of the physical structuring, we are capable of using only very small amounts of that energy. The physical structure can deal only with very small amounts of that energy, otherwise it would simply burn up. So ascension is a matter of developing the ability to deal with more energy without destruction.

As we ascend, as we achieve other levels of existence and connection, we are able to house more of The Consciousness. When we are able to deal with more of the energy, the higher frequency energies, there is a natural connection with all of the inherent possibilities in those higher frequencies. Things that we cannot now dream of in the brain, suddenly become possible at those higher frequencies. So the ascension process is one of discovering what is beyond the conditional limitations of a physical structure without destroying the physical structure, but instead accelerating it.

You are never stuck. Limitation is simply the restructuring of physical matter in the way it has been. The feeling-knowing is that it doesn’t have to stay that way. All things transcend the past. All things move into a greater expression and connection through allowing and being. To realize this possibility moment by moment may be the greatest thing you can do for yourself and for humanity.

It is possible to move beyond the imagination. It is possible to expand this awareness to a point of no return to limited structure, concept or belief. It is possible to reside moment by moment in an ascended level of being, dwelling in a plane of existence that is all-inclusive and allowing, moment by moment, very much aware of all that is. Not being limited by that awareness, but constantly transcending the past. Being totally present and allowing, in the moment, is the work of The Consciousness. The evolving and becoming of The Consciousness is taking place moment by moment, through allowing."

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