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Morphic Field of Enlifement

"The morphic field of enlifement is one of seeing that transformation can be continuous, that there is no way that things have to be, that the principle of allowing what-Is, and being connected and present to that without resistance, tends to induce a greater flow of energy, of Life. "

"The biologist Rupert Sheldrake reasons that we cannot explain how things are simply by analyzing their subparts, that things are the way they are because of their resonance with greater fields which shape their existence. He theorizes that there are self-organizing systems at all levels of complexity, such as atoms, molecules, crystals, cells, organisms, societies, planets and galaxies. These systems are structured by specific fields that he calls “morphic fields” which contain a sort of collective memory. And so a rose, for example, is shaped by a field which is itself shaped by an accumulated influence from all previous roses. This influence from previous systems, occurring through or across both space and time, occurs through “morphic resonance,” involving an action of like upon like.

Rupert Sheldrake’s description of morphic fields seems to fit the experience that I continue to have. People’s lives are basically shaped by fields that are created by accumulated thoughts. Patterns tend to keep repeating themselves because of these fields. Like attracts like. For example, a person’s experience of “enlightenment” can be shaped and dictated by a field which holds that enlightenment must take place in a certain way, that it must conform with certain ideas and concepts. And so the person’s experience will resonate with that field, even though the experience will be distorted by the preconceptions that make up the field.

Now, the old idea was that nature was a matter of habit, that everything was already set up to be the way it is, and would continue to be that way. In actual Life, however, the experience is that things evolve, things become. Fields can change. There are no definite criteria for how things come about.

I’m not willing to accept the idea that my life is predetermined. I see that my life has been an outcome of various possibilities. My life could have been made totally different by simply making a different decision at a certain point. Life is always a happening made up of complete wholes which combine with other wholes to create a greater possibility of synergy. The way Life unfolds is the result of fields that have been set up by consistently held thoughts. As we become sensitive to energies, we can detect various fields around people. Yet these fields need not remain fixed. As we allow for the direct experience of a possibility, things will change.

A person can look at the world negatively, and experience everything as negative. That person will experience more than his share of problems, will find that he is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Morphic resonance implies that there is a field of thought, a field of possibility, for example fear or separation. Many of the old prophecies have enhanced the field of fear with predictions of great disasters to come. Because the brain is capable of receiving, it will tune into these morphic fields. The brain can constantly be recreating various possibilities that exist in these fields. The fields will thus shape one’s life.

Morphic resonance provides a possibility, an alternative for how things can be. The Space is a repository of energy and higher possibilities. These possibilities are known, thought about, and talked about often through enlifement. If this way of seeing Life is valid, if it works, then other people will pick up on that and begin to resonate with it. As a result, people’s lives will change. My presence is a stimulus, an inspiration towards seeing and experiencing the greater connection, seeing more deeply into Life, allowing for other possibilities to come about, and seeing that how we’ve been programmed and conditioned may not be to our best advantage.

The morphic field of enlifement is one of seeing that transformation can be continuous, that there is no way that things have to be, that the principle of allowing what-Is, and being connected and present to that without resistance, tends to induce a greater flow of energy, of Life. So the morphic field of enlifement is one that is progressive, connective and allowing, and constantly extending itself towards greater possibilities, not becoming locked into any idea or concept of how things have to be. Instead, it is a matter of being with things as one experiences them.

It is important to realize that how we imagine things to be may not be the way they are at all. One could see a television for the first time and imagine that there must be people inside the TV set acting out the parts that are seen on the screen. In the enlifement field, we allow for possibilities other than what we may imagine. This opens one to a different experience, a different way of looking at Life and how Life works, not being so convinced that “This is the way it works.” That conviction has constantly kept humanity in ignorance. The old idea that “Well, you just can’t know that, it’s not yours to know,” has kept people in the dark. In the past, various religions and spiritual disciplines have greatly resisted any kind of discovery or breakthrough that might refute a cherished belief. That kind of attitude tends to create ignorance.

I see that it is very important for a spiritual path to be open to the latest developments and theories. That way, one stays open and receptive to the possibility of a greater experience, a greater connection. The morphic field of enlifement is an invitation to grow and expand, not to hide from Life or resist Life, but to be participating in it, and to allow the brain to continue its development, to create new neural pathways, to see new possibilities and new allowances. For people who participate in the field of enlifement, the field can be very inspiring and conducive to that kind of expansion.

The morphic field of enlifement is the accelerated Space around me. It is a field free of the concepts and limitations of the past. People often remark about how they can feel this Space the moment they walk in the door, or when they come up the driveway. The Space or field around me is accelerated to the point where it is difficult for past morphic fields to continue to have their way."

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