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Enlifement Weekly Messages

You can experience a deeper connection with Ishvara’s presence through email weekly enlifement messages written by Terry Grant, a published author, who has been closely connected with Ishvara for many years.


Each week you will receive a message of encouragement and support from Terry. 
The messages are transcribed from talks given by Ishvara. The messages provide inspiration for letting go of attachment to beliefs, concepts, systems and structures, and for discovering the unique expression of Life that you are.


You can share your comments, questions, and experiences in response to the Weekly Messages by sending emails to Terry.  However, it is all right to be an anonymous participant who merely receives the weekly messages and gives no feedback.


Are there any fees for the weekly message?

There is no fee, but we would appreciate a donation of $10 per month.


How do I sign up for the weekly message?

Simply enter at least your email address below and click the submit button.

Thank you for subscribing!

If you do not have regular access to the Internet or for any other reason would like to receive hard copy of the Enlifement Weekly Messages, mail your subscription request to:

Enlifement Weekly Messages, c/o Alaya, PO Box 53576, Albuquerque, NM 87153, U.S.A.

Privacy and unsubscribe info: Your email address will be used solely for receiving the Enlifement Weekly Messages and will not be otherwise disclosed or shared with anyone. If at any time you wish to unsubscribe, you can do so by clicking the unsubscribe button in any weekly message you receive.

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