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Ishvara's Role

Ishvara presents a new paradigm. He is the living example of radical transformation without struggle. In 1987, Ishvara had a profound experience of awakening. Being totally present with his mind still, Ishvara became aware of who he is, never to return to the conditional mind. Since then, the awakening has continually deepened and expanded.

For Ishvara, there is no stopping place. Yet this continual expansion of awareness has occurred in a Space of allowing, not struggle. Ishvara exemplifies such allowing, moment by moment. His example and presence enable radical transformation to occur for those who are willing to remain in the Space of allowing. In answering the question below, Ishvara speaks about how this takes place.

QUESTION: Ishvara, if you are not teaching a system or method, if you are not transmitting anything, then what is it that you are doing? What is your role?

ANSWER: Throughout human history, there are individuals who make an appearance on the scene, who are highly motivated, who realize the absolute connection of the One Self beyond all doubt, and who are thrust into life to be a way-shower. The reason for this is that human beings are so afraid of themselves that they need some encourage-ment, some example to step out onto the edge. Without that example they tend to cower back into the herd. They become comfortable with a certain level of existence and they tend to keep reliving that level because it feels comfortable.

From time to time The Consciousness says, “We’ve already done this, it’s time to move on.” So periodically there are unique expressions of The Consciousness who come upon the scene and upset all the beliefs and the systems. They are not separate or above anyone else. Rather, they are a point of existence that causes all the other points to take notice, to become more real, to move to another level of existence.

I see my position as being an embodiment of what is possible for the human being. My life has been a laboratory of higher possibilities that have been tested and are now being presented to those around me. This creates an altered space, or a “Buddha space” as some call it. The energy around me is accelerated. When people get close to me they feel this acceleration. This scares some people away. Others find they can’t leave it.

I see my function as being this example of what is possible in human existence, without separating from the human. Usually such occurrences have been interpreted as something “spiritual,” something separate from what we are. I’m here to prove that it is not separate. I am a spiritual being. I am full Consciousness. Yet I am very human. I feel that this is what the world has been waiting for. Most masters who have come upon the scene have been elevated, made to be “Divine,” and misinterpreted. I feel that these masters never wanted or expected that kind of separation. Yet it is very natural for the human being to separate things that seem different. And so we start calling it “The Son of God,” or something that has come down from heaven, or an alien entity. We do a disservice to the master when we do that.

I feel the one thing that has been missing is “being real.” We’ve looked on spirituality as coming not from here but from some place else. We’ve had to be supernormal, or sinless, or non-physical in order to be “spiritual.” All of these ideas keep us from knowing that we are IT, The Consciousness. I know that you, all of you, are IT. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind about this. Humanity is IT. Humanity is The Consciousness. My body knows this. And so my body does this little dance that says, “Here it is; this is IT. This is who you are.” Your body experiences this and then knows that it doesn’t have to stay stuck where it is. This is not transmission. Instead, this body is revealing what that body is, what is already there. This body is inspiring that body to be more.

Now there’s a lot of fear about this. People don’t want to make this leap. They don’t want to be God. They want to know about God, but they don’t want to be God because that seems frightening. Yet the truth is that we, as individuals, are unique expressions of The Consciousness. Each one is like a piece of a magnificent jig-saw puzzle. When all the pieces are in place, you see only a beautiful picture. Before that, you only see parts. But once it’s together, you see the wholeness.

So I am here to share. I am here as a physical example of what is possible for the human being to achieve in The Consciousness without becoming separate, without dying, but by living fully. I am here to help each individual to attain right view, because how you think enslaves you. What you think keeps you separate. So the teaching is about how to look at life without separating yourself out, how to look at life in a way that empowers you as a unique expression of The Consciousness

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