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Connecting your webcam and mic for Ishvara's Sunday Enlifement Talk:


STEP 1: Go to to join the Sunday Enlifement Talk service.


STEP 2: Your browser will ask to share your webcam and microphone with Vimeo.


STEP 3: Add your name in the field provided below the video screen and click the blue Join Event button. Then wait about 10 seconds for the live broadcast feed to load in large video screen area. You will not need to mute your microphone during the Ishvara Talk portion, that will be done by the broadcaster and then unmuted for Q&A.


Step 4: The moderator (Steven) will be visible to assist with any technical issues prior to service starting at 10:45am. Once Ishvara starts the Talk he can see you but not hear you until Q&A time. You can stop and restart your webcam feed anytime by clicking on their icons in the top right portion of the broadcast screen.


Step 5: Ask Questions or just connect with Ishvara visually with the other webcam participants.


Step 6: When broadcast is done, click the red Leave button.


Warmest regards and know that Ishvara greatly appreciates your participation!

Steven Burke